Graco 6110 Cyclometer User Manual

1. For ease of installation, extend LATCH
to its maximum length.
2. Position base in vehicle seat as
3. Thread LATCH through base belt
path normally used for vehicle seat
belt. Make sure that LATCH is UNDER
tongue on base .
Belt must lay flat and not be twisted.
4. Hook Connectors to vehicle lower
anchors. Pull firmly on Connectors to
be sure they are attached
5. Tighten LATCH by pushing down
hard on base and pulling the
adjustment belt
6. NEVER put two LATCH connectors on
one vehicle LATCH anchor unless
specifically allowed by the vehicle
7. Test infant restraint for secure
installation as described in infant
restraint “Final Safety Check” p.40.
8. Check that the LATCH stays tight and does not slip from the
tightened position. If it does not stay tight, try another
seating position or contact Customer Service.
6.4 Using LATCH to install Base