Graco 6110 Cyclometer User Manual

Failure to properly use this infant restraint increases the risk of
serious injury or death in a sharp turn, sudden stop or crash.
Your child’s safety depends on you installing and using this
infant restraint correctly.
Even if using this infant restraint seems easy to figure out on your
own, it is very important to READ THE OWNER’S MANUAL.
The manual is located in the back pocket of the infant restraint.
You must also read your vehicle owner’s manual.
Your child’s safety depends on:
1. Choosing a suitable location in your vehicle. Some seating
positions, such as those equipped with air bags, may not be
safe locations for this infant restraint.
2. Inserting the harness straps in the proper slots for your child.
3. Properly securing your child in the infant restraint.
4. Placing infant restraint/base in a rear-facing position.
5. Properly routing the vehicle seat belt or LATCH.
1.0 Warnings to Parents and
Other Users