Graco 6110 Cyclometer User Manual

5. Buckle harness to the latch between child’s legs. Make sure that
you hear a “click.”
DO NOT use the infant restraint if
the harness does not latch in place.
Call Graco at 1-888-224-6549.
6. From the back, pull strap through
harness tightener to tighten the straps
as shown
. CHECK that both straps
are flat and tight on child’s shoulders.
7. Snap harness clip pieces together
Position harness clip in middle of chest,
level with armpits and away from the
a) CHECK that harness straps are not
b) CHECK that the harness is snug. You
should not be able to insert more than
one finger between the harness and
your child’s shoulder
6.2.1 3-Point Harness