Graco 6110 Cyclometer User Manual

For your child’s safety, it is important that your infant restraint/base
be properly reclined. Attached to the side of your infant restraint is a
level indicator to help properly recline the infant restraint/base on the
vehicle seat.
Failure to properly recline the infant restraint on the vehicle seat
increases the risk of serious injury or death.
If the infant restraint is too upright, a child’s
head may drop forward and cause breathing
If the infant restraint is too reclined, a crash
could put too much force on a child’s neck
and shoulders.
The infant restraint must be properly reclined
according to the following instructions.
6.5 Reclining Infant Restraint/Base
Check the level indicator. You must look straight on at the indicator.
—If the indicator shows ONLY blue, the infant restraint is properly
—If any orange is showing in the level indicator adjust the recline.