Graco 6110 Cyclometer User Manual

LATCH can be used IN PLACE OF the vehicle belt system. Please
refer to vehicle owners manual for LATCH locations.
Lap Belts with Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR)
This lap belt stays loose and can move until it locks
in a crash or sudden stop.
Combination Lap/Shoulder Belt with Retractor
Each strap has a retractor at one end and is
attached to the latch plate at the other end.
Passive Restraint - Lap Belt with Motorized
Shoulder Belt
Passive Restraint - Lap or
Shoulder Belt Mounted on Door
DO NOT use vehicle belts that
are attached to the door in any
way or that move along a track
to automatically surround the
passenger when the door is closed.
Lap Belts Forward of Seat Crease
DO NOT use any of the following systems to secure the infant restraint.
5.2.1 UNSAFE Vehicle Belt Systems