Graco 6110 Cyclometer User Manual

Combination Lap/Shoulder
Belt with Sliding Latch Plate
This belt has a latchplate that
slides freely along the belt.
This belt MUST be converted to prevent
movement of the lap portion of the belt. You
must use the locking clip provided with the
infant restraint, unless your vehicle's seat belt
can be converted in another way as described
in your vehicle owner's manual.
To Install Locking Clip:
1. Tighten the buckled belt by pushing
down hard on the infant restraint and
pulling hard on the shoulder belt.
2. While pushing down on infant restraint,
pinch the two straps together behind
the buckle tongue. Unbuckle the belt
without allowing it to slip.
3. Connect lap and shoulder
belts with locking clip as
and .
4. Rebuckle belt. Check that
lap belt does not move by
pulling and pushing hard
on infant restraint. If belt
loosens or lengthens, repeat
Locking clip
Locking clip goes here,
/2 inch from the buckle