True Fitness PS1100 Treadmill User Manual

PS900, PS1100 Treadmill Owner’s Guide
HRC Workout
 T: H R C W
TRUE’s HRC workouts let the treadmill monitor your relative
exercise intensity by way of your heart rate, then automatically
adjust the workload to keep you at your target heart rate and
thus your desired exercise intensity.
Your heart rate is a good measure of your body’s exercise
stress level. It reflects differences in your physical condition,
how tired you are, the comfort of the workout environment,
even your diet and emotional state. Using heart rate to control
workload takes the guesswork out of your workout settings.
Consult your physician before using HRC
workouts for advice on selecting a target
heart rate range. Also, it is important to use
the treadmill for several workouts in the
manual mode while monitoring your heart
rate. Compare your heart rate with how you feel to ensure your
safety and comfort.
See Appendix A for a chart that may help you pick a target
heart rate.
You need to wear a heart rate monitoring chest strap to use
heart rate control. See the “Monitoring Your Heart Rate”
section in Chapter 1 for a guide to proper usage. It is not
recommended that you use the contact heart rate system for
HRC workouts.