True Fitness PS1100 Treadmill User Manual

PS900, PS1100 Treadmill Owner’s Guide
Pre-Set Workouts
 O: B O
Each workout has a four-minute warm up and a two-minute
cool down. Speed or incline changes stay in effect until the
next change requested by the program. Changing the default
workout time adds or removes segments; it does not stretch
or compress the workout profile.
Change workout levels during your workout by pressing the
workout key you are using, adjusting the numeric level, then
pressing . Change to a new pre-set workout during your
workout by pressing a new Program Profile key and
pressing .
In a walking workout, all speeds are under 4 mph. Increasing
levels increases speed from 2 to 4 mph and incline from 4%
to 10%; speed and incline stay constant in the work section.
Speed or incline changes in the work section are permanent.
Walking intervals with incline alternate between hills and
nearly flat in two-minute segments. Speed changes are
permanent; incline changes affect the current two-minute
segment only.
Changes in Incline
Changes in Incline