Carl Zeiss 528065 Binoculars User Manual

Victory Diascope 65 T* FL/85 T*FL
We congratulate you on your outstanding new Diascope spotting scope.
Enjoy the impressive experience of undistorted image reproduction which
is distinguished by perfect brilliance and excellent colour accuracy.
The Carl Zeiss brand is famous for outstanding optical achievements,
precision workmanship and long service life.
Please observe the following instructions for use in order to obtain the
best from your Diascope spotting scope and to ensure that it remains your
constant companion for many years to come.
The spotting scope and the eyepiece are supplied as separate units.
Protective caps for the eyepiece bayonet and the lens
To protect the eyepiece bayonet and the lens against dirt and damage, the
delivery package includes protective caps. You can easily remove the cap on
the eyepiece bayonet by pulling it upward. To remove the lens cap, press the
two buttons opposite each other together. Proceed in the reverse order to
mount the caps.
Changing the eyepiece
You can choose between three eyepieces and thus between several magnifica-
tion ranges for the spotting scopes of the Diascope line (see the table with tech-
nical data). The zoom eyepiece provides you with a variable magnification from
15 x – 45 x or 20x – 60x, depending on the lens diameter (65 T*FL/85 T*FL).
When inserting an eyepiece, make sure that the white dot on the eyepiece is
exactly opposite the red dot on the housing (Fig. 2). Insert the eyepiece and
turn it clockwise as far as it will go.
To remove the eyepiece, turn the eyepiece counterclockwise as far as it will
go. Remove the eyepiece by giving it a slight pull.
Mounting the spotting scope on a tripod
In view of the very high magnification, viewing without a tripod is not
advisable. The tripod bracket provided by the Zeiss Diascope (Fig. 1/E) allows
the use of tripods with a
˝ thread. An adapter included in the delivery pack-
age can be screwed into this thread to allow the use of
˝ tripods.
The tripod bracket on your Diascope also enables you to turn the spotting
scope about its horizontal axis in steps of 45°. To do this, loosen the locking
screw (Fig. 1/C) on the tripod bracket (turn counterclockwise) and turn the
spotting scope in the direction required until it clicks into the position
required. Secure the spotting scope into position by retightening the locking
screw (Fig. 1/C).