Omega SA 1680 Watch User Manual

Only OMEGA leather straps, specially designed for this
foldover clasp, should be used. For your own peace of
mind and convenience, we recommend that you have
your new clasp fitted by an authorised OMEGA service
centre. You can always adjust the length of the bracelet
a) Snap-fastening foldover clasps
To open your clasp, simply slide your finger or finger nail
under the OMEGA fastener and pull up firmly.
Closing (fig. 1, 2)
Place your OMEGA watch on
your wrist and close the clasp
by pushing with the thumb, as
indicated in figure 1. Press in
the direction of the arrow and
not as indicated in figure 2.
Adjusting the length (fig. 3, 4)
Free the longer section of the strap by removing the two
studs from the holes (fig. 3). Adjust the strap as required
and replace the two studs in the holes (fig. 4). Try the
watch for size and readjust if necessary.
Foldover clasps
fig. 1 fig. 2
fig. 3
fig. 4