Omega SA 1680 Watch User Manual

Regatta function (continued)
For a yacht race, the chronograph should be started at the
warning signal by pressing pusher A. Once the 5 circles on
the display have changed colour to blue, this means that
5 minutes have passed since the warning signal. Once the
circles have changed to red, this means that 10 minutes
have elapsed and that the starting line can be crossed.
NOTE: If the chronograph function is stopped, the regatta
function also stops, since the two functions are synchro-
Apnea function (cal. 3601)
Pusher A: start – stop, start – stop etc. Timing to 1/8th
of a second.
Pusher B: reset (after a stop).
Apnea function based on a 14 minute dive:
In addition to the hours and minutes
hands, this movement has an indi-
cator that displays the elapsed time
of a dive. This indicator operates
simultaneously with the chronograph
seconds hand. Each circle on the
display corresponds to 1 minute.
Before a dive, the chronograph should be started. Once
the 7 circles on the display have changed to red, this
means that 7 minutes have elapsed. Once the red colour
has disappeared from the 7 circles this means that 7 more
minutes have elapsed.
Self-winding chronograph