Omega SA 1680 Watch User Manual

Quartz chronograph
CALIBRE 1270 (fig. X)
The time functions (hours, minutes, seconds) are driven by a
primary motor using traditional quartz watch technology.
The chronograph functions are provided by a combination
of quartz and mechanical technology. The chronograph
hand, driven by a separate motor, makes 16 jumps per
second. Its movement appears continuous and it can be
read off the scale to within 1/10th of a second. The
reset function, like the minute and hour totaliser func-
tions, is carried out mechanically. The return to zero is
In order to reduce energy consumption to a minimum, the
chronograph automatically stops after more than 11 hours
of operation.
The crown has 3 positions:
Watch functions:
1. Normal position (wearing position): when pushed
into the case, the crown ensures that the watch is
2. Date setting: pull the crown out to position 2, turn
the crown forwards until the required date is displayed,
then push the crown back to position 1.
NOTE: it is impossible to set the date between 8pm and
3. Time setting: pull the crown out to position 3. The
seconds hand will stop. Turn the crown forwards or
backwards. Synchronise the seconds by pushing the
crown back to position 1 to coincide with a given
time signal.
Chronograph functions:
Pusher A: start – stop, start – stop etc. Timing to within
1/10th of a second for up to 11 hours