Omega SA 1108 Watch User Manual

Foldover clasps
b) Foldover clasps with pushers
Opening (fig. 5)
To open the clasp, press the two
pushers either side of the Omega
buckle and pull upwards.
Closing (fig. 6)
Put the watch on your wrist and close
the clasp by pushing on it with your
thumb until you hear a click.
Adjusting the length (fig. 7)
fig. 5
fig. 7
fig. 6
Loosen the longer end of the
strap from the two holders
on the clasp and remove the
stud from the perforation.
Move the strap in the requi-
red direction, put the stud
back in the perforation then
adjust the bracelet under the
two holders on the clasp. Try
the watch for size and repeat
if necessary.