Omega SA 1108 Watch User Manual

1.3. Setting the date and hour hands:
Pull the crown out to position 2.
Then turn the crown: the hand moves in 1-hour
jumps. If it is necessary to correct the date, (A),
continue to turn the crown and the date will change
automatically when switching from AM to PM, or the
contrary, depending on the direction the crown is
turned. Then push the crown back to position 1.
When setting the date, it is essential to check the
date. If need be, pass midday (no date change) or
midnight (date changes) to make sure the time is set
in AM or PM as appropriate.
NB: Corrections in position 3 have no effect on
the date, even if the hour hand passes midday or
midnight. The watch stores the date in its mem-
ory (including whether AM or PM) before the time
is reset. Setting the hours, minutes and seconds,
around midnight and midday may therefore result in
the calendar shifting by 12 hours.
2. Checking and correcting the calendar:
month, yearly cycle and date.
2.1. Display and correction of the month.
Press and hold the crown in position 0 for more than
3 seconds, the month will be displayed for 8 seconds,
(B). 1 = January, 2 = February, ..., 12 = December.
The month can be corrected during these 8 seconds.
Pull the crown out to position 2, turn the hour hand
through one full revolution. The month will move
forwards or backwards.
Repeat the procedure until the required month is
displayed, then put the crown back to position 1.
Perpetual calendar