Omega SA 1108 Watch User Manual

CALIBRES 3205 (fig. XV) • 3220 (fig. XIII) •
3601 • 3602
The crown has 2 positions:
Watch functions:
1. Normal position (wearing position): when pushed
into the case, the crown ensures that the watch is
Winding: if the watch has not been worn for 45 hours
or more, wind it up with the crown in position 1.
2. Time setting: hours – minutes – seconds. Pull the
crown out to position 2. The seconds hand will stop.
Turn the crown forwards or backwards. Synchronise the
seconds by pushing the crown back to position 1 to
coincide with a given time signal.
Chronograph functions:
Pusher A: start – stop, start – stop etc.
Timing to 1/8th of a second for up to 12 hours.
Pusher B: reset (after a stop).
Regatta function (cal. 3602)
Based on a 10-minute start period, as used in the America’s
In addition to the counters for seconds, minutes and
hours, this movement has an indicator that displays the
countdown to a regatta start. This
indicator operates simultaneously with
the chronograph hands. Each circle on
the display corresponds to 1 minute.
Self-winding chronograph