Bushnell 368315 Watch User Manual

Power On and Basic Operation
Ready to start using your Neo
First, be sure the battery has a full charge. If you are using it for the rst
time, it should be charged until the “FULL” charge indication is displayed
(refer to “Battery Charging” on pg. 7 for details). Next, make sure you are
outdoors, in a location with a clear view of the sky overhead, to ensure
good reception of GPS satellite signals Now, you’re ready to power up
and use your Neo
• Press and hold the FRONT button (5) to power on the Neo
• Press the MENU button (2).
• Scroll through the menu options by pressing the FRONT (5) and
BACK (3) buttons. Press again at the bottom (or top) of a menu
screen to go to the next (or previous) menu screen (see below).
• Select the desired feature by pressing the SELECT (4) button.
The Menu of features is displayed over a series of three screens as
• Menu1: Play Golf*, Battery, Golf Demo
• Menu2: Odometer*, Alarm, Timer
• Menu3: GPS status*, Settings
Using Play Golf Mode
1. Press MENU and select “Play Golf” (press FRONT or BACK if
necessary) at the top of Menu 1 then press SELECT. The Neo
Watch will search for GPS satellite signals. Once satellite lock has
been acquired, the Neo
Watch will display a list of courses in the
local area.
2. Scroll the course list with the BACK and FRONT buttons, and select
your course by pressing the SELECT button. You are now in “Play
Golf” Mode.
3. After you’ve selected a course, the main screen will display Front,
Center, and Back of the Green distances for Hole 1, as well as par
information. The current Hole number is shown on the top left.