Bushnell 368315 Watch User Manual

Charging the Battery
The rechargeable battery of the Neo
Watch is long lasting and provides
up to 14 hours of golf, or one year of use as an everyday (time only) watch.
However, battery life may be reduced due to a variety of factors (external
temperature, etc). All rechargeable batteries lose their eective charge
length over time.
To check your remaining battery life, select “Battery” from Menu 1 (pg.
8,9). To recharge the battery, attach the 4-pin end of the included USB
cable to the contacts on the back of the watch and connect it to your
computer. The Neo
Watch and USB cable are compatible with all USB
ports, including A/C style USB chargers. The battery charging/full displays
and charging contacts are shown below:
Package Contents
1 - Bushnell Neo
GPS Rangender Watch
1 - USB/Charging Cable
1 - Instruction Manual
Computer Requirements
USB (1.1 or 2.0) Port
OS: Windows (7, Vista or XP)
Firmware/Software Updates
Please check www.bushnellgolf.com periodically for the latest rmware
and software releases.