Bushnell 368315 Watch User Manual

Registering and Updating Golf Course Data
Setting up a free account and registering your Neo+ at www.bushnell.
igolf.com is not required. However, doing so will allow you to update the
preloaded GPS course data, and load any new courses. Registration is free
and takes only a few minutes. Completing the registration will give you
access to the latest GPS data for use on your device.
1) Go to www.bushnell.igolf.com and ll in your info to register your
Neo+ Watch and create an account. The serial # of your Watch can be
found on the back of the unit as shown in the example. Click “Next” at
the end of Step 1 to go to Step 2 and complete your registration.
2) In Step 3, you will download and run an installer for the USB driver
that allows your computer to recognize your Watch. The installer is
compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 (to date, Mac OS
is not supported). For best results, we recommend using Microsoft
Internet Explorer as your browser.
3) After the driver installation is complete, click Next.
4) Step 4 (optional) provides access to a pdf document with detailed
instructions for updating the internal operating software of the Neo+
Watch. A button (web link) is included in the pdf that will take you to
the Software Wizard that downloads the update. Updating your Watch
software is recommended to ensure that you have the latest features
and operating improvements.
5) Once you’ve registered your Neo+ Watch and installed the USB
driver, you’ll be on the webpage that allows you to search for a golf
course. Enter all or part of the course’s name and click “Search”. You’ll be
taken to the course info on the iGolf.com site, and can click “Download
GPS Course File” to get the latest updated data for the course.