Omega SA 1530 Watch User Manual

Power reserve (continued)
If the watch is not worn, or during periods of low
activity, the power reserve indicator hand progressively
moves anti-clockwise.
If the power reserve indicator hand is pointing to below
1/4, this means that the watch’s power reserve is less
than 10 hours. In this case, the watch should be worn or
wound by hand to prevent it stopping.
During manual winding (crown in position 1) or when
worn (self-winding), the power reserve indicator hand
moves clockwise.
CALIBRES 2005 (fig. II) • 2200, 2201, 2202
(fig. VIII
) • 2403 (fig. VIII)
The crown has 2 positions:
1. Normal position (wearing position): when pushed
into the case, the crown ensures that the watch is
water-resistant. Occasional winding: if the watch has
not been worn for 44 hours or more, wind it up with
the crown in position 1.
CALIBRE 2201 (Manual-winding)
Winding: turn the crown forwards until it stops.
2. Time setting: hours – minutes. Pull the crown out
to position 2. Turn the crown forwards or backwards.
Push the crown back to position 1.
For calibres 2200, 2202 and 2403: synchronise the
seconds by pushing the crown back to position 1 to
coincide with a given time signal.
Manual & Self-winding watch