Omega SA 1530 Watch User Manual

CALIBRES 1424, 1538 (continued)
Date setting: the date can be moved forwards or
backwards by moving the hour hand past midnight
accordingly. Push the crown back to position 1.
3. Time setting: pull the crown out to position3.
The seconds hand will stop. Turn the crown forwards
or backwards. Synchronise the seconds by pushing
the crown back to position 1 to coincide with a given
time signal.
For calibres 1424, 1426, 1530, 1532 and 1538, the end
of battery life is indicated by the seconds hand making
4-second jumps. The watch will continue to function
for several days, but the battery must be removed and
replaced by an authorised OMEGA service agent as soon
as possible.
CALIBRE 4000 (fig. II
This calibre does not have a visible crown. A corrector at
3 o’clock on the side of the case is used to change the
time by simply pressing with a corrector pen that comes
with the watch.
1. Time setting by pressing the corrector:
- Correcting the minutes: press briefly to advance the
hand by one minute;
- Correcting the hours: press for around 3 seconds to
correct by one hour. For corrections of more than one
hour, hold until the desired hour is displayed.
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