Carl Zeiss 528063 Binoculars User Manual

Viewing with and without glasses
If you do not wear glasses, use the eyepiece with the eyecup extended (Fig. 1):
Pull the eyecup upward and give it a short turn in the clockwise direction,
thus locking it as shown in Fig. 1.
If you wear glasses, unlock the eyecup by giving it a short turn in the counter-
clockwise direction and push the eyecup down all the way.
Note: When pulled out, the eyecup can be locked to ensure that it cannot be
pushed in inadvertently.
Two controls are provided for focusing.
Focusing wheel (Fig. 1/A) allows rapid coarse focusing.
Focusing wheel (Fig. 1/B) is used for fine focusing.
Extendable sunshade
This shade (Fig. 1/F) prevents annoying sunlight from entering the lens and
also protects the lens from coarse dirt and moisture (e.g. rain). The sight
(Fig. 1/D) on the sunshade makes it easier to pinpoint an object; this is par-
ticularly beneficial with high-power eyepieces.
Care and maintenance
The Diascope spotting scope from Carl Zeiss needs no special care or
Do not wipe off coarse dirt particles (e.g. sand) from the lenses, but blow
them off or remove them with a soft brush.
Fingerprints on the lens surfaces may affect them in the course of time. The
easiest way to keep the lenses clean is by breathing on them and wiping with
a soft optical cleaning cloth or optical cleaning paper.
To avoid a possible fungal coating which is common in the tropics, store the
optics in a dry place and always ensure good aeration of the lens surface.
Do not under any circumstances look through the spotting scope at the sun
or laser light sources! Serious eye injury may otherwise result.
Instructions for use