Bushnell 70-0002 Watch User Manual

Countdown / Reverse-Timer Mode
Press the MODE button until Countdown Timer Mode is
displayed, represented by ‘RT’ (reverse timer). To operate press the
UP button to start and press again to stop, then press the DOWN
button to reset the Countdown Timer.
To set the Countdown Timer press and hold down the
ADJ button for
3 seconds, which will cause the seconds setting to blink. Adjust with
UP or DOWN button, and then press the MODE button to
adjust next setting. Press the
ADJ button to save settings and exit. Press
COMP for AUTO to allow Countdown Timer to repeat function
automatically, and press
COMP again to turn off AUTO function.
Press any button when alarm sounds to stop the Countdown Timer.
If nothing is pressed the Countdown Timer will stop beeping after
10 seconds, but it will continue if the AUTO function is set on. To
stop the Countdown Timer if the Auto function is on, you must go
to the Countdown Timer Mode and press
COMP to turn off the
Auto function and then press
UP button to stop it.
Compass Mode
Press the MODE button until Time Mode is displayed, and then
press the
COMP button. If already in Time Mode, simply press the
COMP button and Compass Mode is displayed. Hold the compass
level using the bubble level to get a reading. If the Cardinal Points
blink then the compass probably needs to be calibrated. (See trouble
shooting tips.)
Compass Calibration
In Compass Mode, hold down ADJ button for 3 seconds.
Calibration Mode is displayed. Put the compass on a level, non-
magnetic surface and press the
COMP button. The word CAL will
start blinking. Then, rotate the compass 2 full circles slowly
. When done, press COMP
again. When completed, the display shows DONE and it will then
go automatically into Declination Setting Mode. If Calibration is
Temperature Alarm
Sets the alarm to sound when the temperature measurement reaches
the programmed level. In the Alarm Mode, the Temperature alarm
uses the same measurement units (ºC or F) that were last set in the
Temperature Mode. To change this you must first change the
temperature units in the Temperature Mode. Using the
UP or
DOWN buttons once changes the temperature in tenths of a degree.
Holding either button down changes the temperature in increments
of 1 degree.
Beep Function
In the Alarm mode, a Beep function is also available. When
activated, the beep function causes a beep sound to be made
whenever a button is depressed, even when the Alarm function is
turned off. To activate the function go to the Beep function in the
Alarm Mode, press the
COMP button and ON is displayed. Press
again and OFF is displayed.
Stopwatch Mode
Press the MODE button until Stop Watch Mode is displayed. To
operate, press the
UP button to start and press again to stop.
Pressing the
DOWN button will reset the Stop Watch.
For split timing function, press the
DOWN button while the Stop
Watch is operating in order to stop the display and press again to
continue. You can also press the
DOWN button while the Stop
Watch is operating to stop the display and then press the
UP button
to stop the Stop Watch and display the final reading. Press the
DOWN button again to reset the Stop Watch.
Stop Watch Mode / Split Timing Function
Split timing function is displayed as SPL when activated and the
display returns to normal when
DOWN button is pressed.