GMC Envoy XL Denali Automobile User Manual

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Change Engine Oil Light
When this light comes on,
it means that an oil change
and other maintenance
procedures are required for
your vehicle.
See Scheduled Maintenance on page 6-4 and Engine
Oil on page 5-15 for more information.
Once the engine oil has been changed, the change
engine oil light must be reset. Until it is reset, the light
will be displayed when the engine is on.
Security Light
This light will come on
briefly when you turn the
key toward START.
The light will stay on until the engine starts. If the light
flashes, the Passlock
system has entered a tamper
mode. If the vehicle fails to start, see Passlock
on page 2-18.
If the light comes on continuously while driving and
stays on, there may be a problem with the Passlock
system. Your vehicle will not be protected by Passlock
and you should see your dealer.
Also, see Content Theft-Deterrent on page 2-17 for
additional information regarding the security light.