Graco ISPJ001AB Cyclometer User Manual

Strings and cords can cause strangulation. Keep strings and cords
away from child. Do not place bassinet near a window where cords
from blinds or drapes can strangle a child.
DO NOT hang strings on or over the bassinet.
DO NOT place items with a string around a child’s neck, such as
hood strings, pacifier cords, etc.
DO NOT attach strings to toys.
NEVER use the bassinet in a vehicle. It offers no protection to your
child in a crash.
NEVER place a child in the storage basket.
ALWAYS place bassinet on floor when using as a rocker. Never
place on an elevated surface.
To reduce the risk of SIDS, pediatricians recommend healthy
infants be placed on their backs to sleep, unless otherwise advised
by your physician.
Discontinue using this product should it become damaged
or broken.
Read all instructions BEFORE assembly and use of this product.
If you experience any difficulties, please contact the Customer
Service Department. Keep instructions for future use.