Garmin 305 Heart Rate Monitor User Manual

Press start to start the timer. During your run, press the arrows to
view all of the Timer pages. To clear the timer, press stop. Then press
and hold reset until the timer returns to zero.
Timer pages
Press mode to view the Main Menu. Using the
Main Menu, you can set up simple or advanced
workouts, view your history data, save locations
in memory, and customize the Forerunner.
Press and hold power to turn on the Forerunner. Follow the
instructions on the screen.
Acquire Satellites
After you congure the Forerunner, the
Locating Satellites page appears. To acquire
satellite signals, go outdoors away from tall
buildings and trees. Acquiring satellite signals
may take 30–60 seconds.
Wait while the Forerunner searches for
satellites. For best results, stand still in an
open area until the Locating Satellites page
disappears. When the Timer page appears,
you can start your run or activity.
Charge the Battery
Charge the Forerunner for three hours before using it. When the
battery is fully charged, the battery life is approximately 10 hours.
To avoid corrosion, be sure the Forerunner is completely dry before
Snap the Forerunner into the charging cradle.
mini-USB port
Plug the small end of the AC adapter into the mini-USB port on
the cradle. Plug the other end into a standard wall outlet.
Press and hold to turn unit on/off.
Press to turn backlight on/off.
Press to view Timer or Main Menu.
Press to exit a menu or page.
Press and hold to change sports.
Press to create a new lap.
Press and hold to reset the timer.
Press to start/stop the timer.
Press to select options and to acknowledge messages.
Press to highlight options.
Press to scroll through menus and data elds.
Note: If the unit stops responding to button presses, press mode and
lap/reset at the same time to reset the unit.
Main Menu
GPS antenna is
located here.