The information displayed below this text box is incorrect. The drop-downs are not listing my specific item. Please disregard all of them except the 'product Type' which is correct Item: Treadmill Manufacturer: AEROBIC Model: AT1 Ser# T1015 Made in Canada I have an AEROBIC AT1 treadmill that is older than Moses. It was purchased, used, in or about the year 1990. It has capabilities for the plugging in of several devices that, I assume, are for the monitoring of heart beat, pulse rate, and so forth. Looking from the rear, on the left rail, the number "98" is evident, was made in Canada, and it has the serial number: T1015. I cannot find any more information on this machine. On the raised handle-bar area, along with the manufacturer and model # (AEROBIC AT1) are the different read-outs: Speed, elevation-in %, Weight/Age/Time, a Program selection for Distance and/or Pace, a program level selection for Calories or Heart Rate. I received none of these plug-ins, outlined above and described on the handle-bar layout, at the time of sale. None of these things really meant anything to me. All I wanted it to do was allow me to either walk or jog or run for whatever time I deemed appropriate. However, up until just very recently (last week, to be more precise), all was in good and working order (save for the occasional treadmill belt alignment / adjustment). Then, while in the middle of my morning 'walk', the thing just shut down. Flashing on the "Weight/Age/Time" section of the panel was the number 14. I then turned it off at the switch, located below the right rail (right - when standing on the machine facing forward). I then waited for no more than 10 seconds and turned the machine back on. The number 14 was still flashing. I pressed the 'Start' button with no response. The thing came back to life when I pressed the "Program Level" button. I then pressed Start, increased the speed to 2.0 MPH with zero elevation, and all seemed in order. I let it run for 5-6 minutes while not using it, thinking maybe it may have needed to 'warm up'. I then climbed back on to the belt and began walking. Approximately 35 seconds elapsed when it shut down again - same symptoms (#14 displayed). I thought the belt tension might be too tight (before this episode never been checked by me) and that too much resistance was being built up causing some sort of safety device to shut it down. I turned it back on, at 2.0MPH speed, and went through the process of loosening the belt while still maintaining the center position on the rollers. This may have worked a bit, but after getting back on to the belt, the results were the same: shutdown with the #14 being displayed. Suggestions?

Asked by Alan on 01/03/2016 0  Answer

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