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May 28th, 2009 at 11:20am


for Greatland Camping Equipment 15600

call 1800 338 7000 give then the item # 15600 and they will send you a manual when i get my i will post it

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  • hlujan45
    more 3-31-10 from Mr. Tent:
    Greatland 15600 is made by Academy Broadway (Wenzel). it looks like a standard wall tent build with one major ridgepole. Call 800-338-7000 with model number and they will send you a pdf file by email (or fax) excerpt below:
    REPLACEMENT PARTS: 1-800-325-TENT please have the style, model, and item number of your tent available . found on a small white tag sewn onto the interior wall of the tent, usually around door.

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