ProMaster 15-45X65 Binoculars User Manual

PROMASTER Infinity Elite ELX
15-45x65 Spotting Scope
Congratulations on your purchase of the PROMASTER Infinity Elite ELX Spotting
Scope. With basic care and proper storage and operation, your new spotting
scope is designed to give you years of ultra high quality viewing pleasure.
A. Scope Body
B. Protective Pouch
C. SLR Camera T- Mount adapter
D. Field Carrying Pouch
Lens Cap (not pictured)
The PROMASTER Infinity Elite ELX spotting scope is a high-performance instrument employing advanced optical
technology. The precision compressed optical design minimizes size and weight while maintaining superior
optical quality and high magnification. The PROMASTER Infinity Elite ELX spotting scope uses and Extra Low
Dispersion (ED) glass objective lens to correct aberration yielding superior image clarity and resolution. The fully
broadband multi-coating on each of optical elements ensures the best image throughout the field of view. The
eyepiece lens is a standard 1 1/4 inch size generally used with astronomical telescopes and enables use of a
wide range of astronomical eyepieces (optional) for the maximum versatility when using your spotting scope.
Magnesium alloy construction ensures the most precision alignment of optical elements in a lightweight, ultra
durable body. Your PROMASTER Infinity Elite ELX spotting scope is designed for the most in-climate weather
conditions. It is o-ring sealed and nitrogen gas filled to make the unit waterproof and to prevent the scope from
fogging due to temperature variations. This enables you to use your scope in rain and inclement weather
conditions. PROMASTER’s exclusive REPELLAMAX™ element repellant coating, helps to insure that you will have
the best viewing experience possible under extreme conditions.
Installing the Field Carrying Pouch
Unzip the Field Carrying Pouch and insert the scope body. If you have difficulty inserting the scope,
remove the eyepiece by turning the eyepiece locking ring counter clockwise. After the scope body
is in the pouch, replace the eyepiece by turning it clockwise. Be sure that the eyepiece is mounted
correctly and is tight on the scope body.
aching to a tripod
For the best performance your spotting scope should be attached to a sturdy tripod. The better your
tripod, the more stable your viewing experience will be. A tripod and head from the PROMASTER
SystemPro Professional tripod line is an ideal choice. To mount the scope, screw the mounting
screw on the tripod head to the tripod screw hole at the bottom of the tripod platform.