Leica 10x42 BRF Binoculars User Manual

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The Trinovid class : Proven technology for the
ambitious viewer Leica binoculars and spotting scopes have
long since been synonymous with optical performance and mech-
anical quality. For years, LEICA TRINOVID BN binoculars have been
proving themselves as trustworthy companions with excellent op-
tical performance. In the future, they will continue to be the correct
choice for nature lovers wanting to get started with high-perform-
ance optics. Top-notch optics coupled with robust and precision
mechanics make every LEICA TRINOVID BN model the optimal com-
panion for all outdoor activities. A nearly indestructible die-cast
aluminum housing that withstands the most grueling temperatures,
the patented multifunction center drive with integrated diopter
compensation and the innovative Leica HDC™ multi-layer lens
coating are just a few features that make the LEICA TRINOVID BN
series stand out. The bright and sharp image, as well as the com-
fortable handling of the binocular, let you get as close to nature
as possible, even under the worst conditions. And when proven
technique becomes an issue, the Trinovid BCA binoculars are the
answer, especially for those long hikes.
American Purple Gallinule/Porphyrula martinica