Leica 10x42 BRF Binoculars User Manual

The Duovid class : Two binoculars in one
Key features at a glance
Two magnifications
The flexible binocular class with both – high magnification and a large field of view –
in one product. High magnification for long distances and minute details. Low magni-
fication for image stabilization and a large field of view.
Extreme brilliance
Extremely high resolution and a color-fringe-free image due to the Leica HighLux-System
HLS™, an innovative multi-layer lens coating with Leica HDC™ and a four-lens objective
with an achromat.
Easy to use
Automatic Diopter Compensation ADC™ : when switching between magnifications the
diopter automatically adjusts. Multifunction Center-drive : comfortable, smooth focusing
and easy diopter setting.
Strong aluminum die-cast housing and soft-touch rubber armoring protect the binocular
from damage, while at the same time ensuring secure handling of the product, even
when wearing gloves. Functions perfectly under all environmental conditions from
- 25°C to + 55°C, waterproof to 5 m, nitrogen-filled.
Pezotettix giornae
LEICA DUOVID 8 +12x 42 – the most flexible 42 mm binoculars.
In black or green rubber armoring :
black Order No. 40 400
green Order No. 40 405
LEICA DUOVID 10 +15 x50 – the binocular-spotting scopes.
In black or green rubber armoring :
black Order No. 40 420
green Order No. 40 421