Leica 10x42 BRF Binoculars User Manual

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The15 x magnification is ideally suited for viewing over long distances.
The10 x magnification, on the other hand, gives you a good overview.
“I use the Duovids for the extra flexibility they provide. I might want to watch dragon
flies at one moment, and then a distant sea-eagle ; the rapid change of magnification
makes that easy. I try to encourage my students too to scan a scene with 8x
magnification, and then switch to 12x for the close view.”
(Dr. Wolfgang Dreyer, Germany)
LEICA DUOVID 10 +15 x 50 – the binocular-spotting scopes With its
15 x magnification, the Duovid with 50 mm objective lens bridges the gap between binocular
and spotting scope.
LEICA DUOVID 8 +12 x 42 – the most flexible 42 mm binoculars
Unique 12 x magnification in a 42 mm glass, which allows for great detail recognition.
LEICA DUOVID 10 +15 x50
This Duovid is a high performance binocular that,
with a flick of the wrist, becomes a binocular-
spotting scope. The10x magnification allows
for shake-free viewing and a larger field of view.
By switching to15 x one achieves a level of detail
recognition previously found only in spotting
scopes. Due to its high level of optical perform-
ance, the 50 mm Duovid is also well suited for
astronomy – it comes delivered with a tripod
adapter to provide added stability.
The ergonomic design and the soft-touch
rubber armoring (available in black or green)
allow for a secure and shake-free handling of
the binocular, even while wearing gloves.
LEICA DUOVID 8 +12 x42
The compact 42 Duovid offers 8x magnification
for a large field of view, as well as12x magni-
fication for greater detail recognition. As with
the 50mm model, this Duovid features the
sliding eyecups with two click stops, which
ensure the ideal eye relief for every user.
To switch between magnifications, one
must adjust the ring on each tube accordingly.
Due to the Automatic Diopter Compensation
ADC™ your previously set diopter will auto-
matically adjust itself to the new magnification.
“The Duovid, with its variable magnification, cannot be compared to zoom binoculars.
The optical performance and the Automatic Diopter Compensation ADC™ create a
new reference class. The Duovid 8 +12 x42 need not shy away from comparing itself to
high-end fixed-power binoculars.”
(Michael O’Brien, Birding Tour Leader and Author, USA)
Due to its extreme twilight performance, the Duovid achieves great detail recognition
at12 x and 15x magnification, even under poor light conditions. However, with continued
deteriorating light conditions, one should switch to 8 x or 10x magnification, since the
binoculars render brighter images at lower power settings.