Hasbro 40747 Games User Manual

3. Attach the Museum, Mountains, Spinner and Bridge.
A. Museum & Mountains: Match the letters on the plastic Museum and Mountains to the
letters on the game board. Then insert each piece by first sliding the long tab through
the slot and under the game board, then press down to secure the small tab into place.
B. Spinner & Bridge: Match the letter on the plastic spinner and place the bridge into
place as shown on page 3. Then insert the 3 posts on the spinner base into the 3 holes
in the game board. Insert the four posts on the rope bridge into the four holes in the
game board.
NOTE: The spinner can be removed at any time and passed around for easier play.
The bridge cannot be removed.
For example, when you are traveling along the BLUE TEMPLE OF DOOM path, you want to read and follow directions for the text
next to the blue box. If you are on the PURPLE RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK path, you want to read and follow directions for the
text next to the purple box.
Special Event Cards
There are five Special Event Cards at the end of the Adventure Card deck.
Each one will direct you to complete a task. The tasks on the Special Event
Cards are similar to the Adventure Cards events, but on a larger scale.
These events could, give you money or cause you to lose Life Tiles or
Partners, or end the game.
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Collect money, Life Tiles and Relics and have the most money at the end of the game.
For 2 to 4 Players
How to win
At the bottom of the Adventure Card deck are five Special Event Cards, one
which will end the game. Once someone has drawn the game-ending Special
Event Card, add up your total value.
1. Count your money.
2. Trade in your Partner Cards for any leftover Life Tiles (regardless of what
path it is on), in turn order (starting with the player who chose the game-
ending Special Event Card). Continue until all players’ Partner cards have been
discarded or there are no Life Tiles left.
3. Add up all of your Life Tiles (the amounts listed on the Tiles).
4. Add up the value of any Relics you have (their values are listed on
pages 2 & 3).
5. Add the figures together.
The player with the highest total value wins!
tHe cardS/Life tiLeS
During the game, an Adventure Card may tell you to take a Life Tile(s). The Life Tiles are all color-coded to match the different
game paths. (Note, there are no Life Tiles on the gold Museum path.) Pick a tile from the corresponding colored game path.
Life Tiles are worth money, so the more you can collect, the better!
If you are asked to pick up a Life Tile and there are no tiles left on the game board, take the correct colored Life Tile from
another player.
Life Tiles can be exchanged for cash at the Museum Home Space at any time during the game.
In order to turn in a Life Tile, you must move to the Museum Home Space by spinning and moving there (ie: you cannot turn in
a Tile if you are sent there because of a Trap or Adventure Card.)
Note: Turning in Life Tiles during the game is a good strategy to keep players from stealing your valuable Tiles.
When you turn in a Life Tile before the end of the game, you will receive half of the dollar amount printed on that tile. Note: If
you hold onto Life Tiles until the end of the game, you will receive the full amount listed on the card. Once you turn in a Life
Tile, place it back into the box and out of play.
Partner Cards
Partner Cards help during the game or allow you to do special things. They also prevent you from losing the precious Life Tiles
and Relics you’ve gathered. Here are some quick rules about partners:
• You may collect more than one Partner, but you must collect them one at a time.
• You may collect any number of Partners, but their powers and abilities are not cumulative and may not be added together.
• Some Partner Cards will share the same name, but have different abilities that help you during the game. You may collect
any number of Partner Cards with the same name.
• Anytime you’re directed to discard a Partner Card, return it, color side up, to the bottom of its colored starting pile. If there is
no pile, start a new one.
• You must always show the other players which Partners you have.
Adventure Cards
Each Adventure Card will tell you to do something – some are good… some are bad.
There are 4 events on every Adventure Card, one for each of the four colored game paths. Draw a card and read the event next
to the color matching the path you are on. If the card tells you to pick another player, you must pick a player that has already
taken a turn. If you can’t pick another player, because no one else has taken a turn yet, discard this card and draw a new card.
After following the directions on an Adventure Card, discard it so it is out of play. If the card directs you to do something that
you cannot do, then your turn ends. (Don’t forget to discard the card and place it out of play.)
For example:
Karen ends the game with $20,000 in
cash. She also has:
1- Partner, which she trades in for a
random Life Tile valued at $25,000
2- Life Tiles, each worth $50,000
And the Sankara Stones, which are
worth $500,000
Her total is : $20,000 + $25,000 +
$100,000 + $500,000 = $645,000
When you have finished playing, you do not need to detach the buildings, mountains or bridge before storing your game back in the
box. To easily store your game…
1. Place the center of the game board into the box.
2. Then fold end of the game board with the majority of the Raiders of the Lost Ark game path over the center section.
3. Now place all components into the box.
4. Fold the remaining end of the game board over into the box.
5. Remove the spinner knob and place it some place flat on the gameboard.
6. Place the cover on the box and store until your next game play.
Temple oF Doom
raiDers oF The losT ark
The lasT CrusaDe
Museum Park
FeatheR Pin
Carefully detach all of the cardboard pieces from the parts sheet. Discard the cardboard waste. Carefully remove
the museum, bridge and spinner dial from the plastic bags and recycle the waste. Remove the mountains and
spinner base from the plastic runner and recycle the waste.
1. Apply Labels to the Mountains and Bridge
Match the letters next to each of the four labels to the letters on the plastic mountains. Apply the
labels to the matching plastic pieces as shown on the right. Apply the blue labels to the bridge.
2. Assemble the Spinner
Take the spinner ring and match the double-notched section of the spinner ring to the double-
tabbed section on the underside of the plastic spinner dial (under the number 8), then snap the
ring into the dial by sliding the ring under each of the plastic tabs. Next, place the assembled
dial onto the peg in the center of the spinner base. Then insert the feather pin into the hole
in the base, as shown.
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SteaLing tiLeS/reLicS from otHer pLayerS
If you land on the same space or a space adjacent to another player and want to steal a Relic or Life Tile, do not draw a
card. Instead each of you spins the spinner. If you have the higher spin, you win! Take a Relic or Life Tile from the other
player. If your opponent spins higher, nothing happens. If you both spin the same number, nothing happens and your turn
is over.
• 285 bill sheets of 5 denominations • 4 Indiana Jones Figures • One time assembly Game board
3 Relics (Sankara Stones, Holy Grail, Arc of the Covenant) 3 Mountains and a Spinner Base
• 40 Adventure Cards • 4 Quick Reference Cards • Museum Building • Spinner Top • Rope Bridge
• 5 Special Event Cards • 9 Partner Cards • 36 Life Tiles • Feather pin • Label sheet