Graco 6114 Cyclometer User Manual

6.3 Installing the Infant Restraint/Base
Using Vehicle Belt
You must carefully follow the instructions provided by your vehicle
manufacturer, in addition to the information in this manual. Be sure
you have read and understood section 5, “Infant Restraint Location”
on p.21-26.
Make sure vehicle is on level ground so that
the level indicator, which is attached to the
infant restraint, can be used to properly
recline the infant restraint .
If a front passenger seat is used, slide the
vehicle seat rearward as far as possible
from the dashboard. If a rear seat is used,
make sure the seat in front of it is moved
forward enough and is upright enough to
allow room for the infant restraint.
1. Remove infant restraint from base, regardless of whether or not
you plan on using the base.
2. Place the base
or infant restraint without base
in a
rear-facing position in a forward-facing vehicle seat.