Graco 6114 Cyclometer User Manual

6.1.2 5-Point Harness
1. Depress the harness adjustment button
under the seat flap
. Pull the shoulder
straps out to loosen the harness.
2. Behind seat, remove the ends of the two
shoulder straps from the metal junction
3. From front, pull straps through the
harness slots and then reinsert them
through the appropriate slots.
4. Behind seat, push both shoulder
straps UNDER owner’s manual pocket
and out the bottom.
5. Reassemble the strap ends onto the
metal junction plate
. Follow the
appropriate instructions for a smaller
or larger baby on the following page.
Harness adjustment button
After the harness has been completely reinstalled,
a) CHECK that harness straps are not twisted in front or back.
b) CHECK that straps are secure by pulling on them.