Coleman 2000001588 Tent User Manual

6. Rotate all eight Leg Poles upright and insert pin on
each web loop at the side locations as shown.
(Fig. 7 & 7A)
Fig. 6
Fig. 7
7. Locate the plastic hooks at sides and
corners of tent, then snap onto Leg
Poles to attach. (Fig. 8)
9. Insert plastic stakes through web straps located
on both sides of tent, then drive in to secure.
(Fig. 10)
NOTE: It may be necessary to remove metal
stakes through web straps at side of tent and
screen room, pull tent taut, and drive in stakes
to secure.
Fig. 10
8. To stretch tent to finished size:
Push in button on Leg Pole while
twisting lower Leg Pole section
counterclockwise (Fig.9);
Pull up on top Leg Pole section until
tent is taut;
Twist the lower Leg Pole clockwise
until the button locks into the center
or lowest hole;
Repeat on remaining Leg Poles.
Fig. 8
Fig. 9
Center Hole
Lower Hole
Leg Pole
Leg Pole
MODEL 2000001588
Curved Ridge Poles with Red Markings in center sleeves
Hinged, Rigid Door
1. Assemble Vertical Door Pole (shorter black pole with plastic tips);
then insert through zippered vertical pole sleeve on hinged side of
door. (Fig. 11)
2. Insert end of Vertical Door Pole into bottom hinge plate, apply
pressure to form a slight bow, then insert other tip of pole into top
hinge. Zip up vertical pole sleeve. (Fig. 12 & 13)
3. Assemble Door Pole (longer black pole with plastic cap tips); then
insert into zippered pole sleeve at top of door. (Fig. 14)
4. Insert end of Door Pole into top hinge plate, apply pressure to form
a bow, then insert other tip of pole into the bottom hinge. (Fig. 15)
5. Zip up pole sleeve to enclose Door Pole. (Fig. 16)
Fig. 11 Fig. 12 Fig. 13
Fig. 14
Fig. 15
Fig. 16
Fig. 1
To Set Up Tent
1. Unfold tent and spread out on a clean, level surface with the door
facing the desired direction. Unzip doors. (Fig. 1)
4. Assemble eight, steel, shock-corded, Leg
Poles. Push down on steel button on tapered
end and insert into end with four holes.
NOTE: Make sure steel button locks into
third hole on pole as shown. (Fig.4)
5. Insert curved end of Leg Poles
(with red marking) into the
ends of the Ridge Pole
(with red marking). Insert
curved end of remaining
short Leg Poles into the
ends of the remaining
Ridge Poles. (Fig. 5 & 6)
Ridge Pole with
Red Marking
Button in third hole
Fig. 4
Fig. 5
Fig. 2
with Red
Curved End of
Long Leg Pole
2. Pull four corners of tent taut, then secure by
driving stakes through web loops at an angle for
better anchoring. (Fig. 2)
Ridge Pole
with Red
Fig. 3
with Red
3. Assemble four, steel, shock-corded, curved
Ridge Poles. Insert Ridge Poles (with red
marking) into center sleeves on top of tent
with the red trim (Fig. 3). Insert the remain-
ing curved Ridge Poles into the other two
sleeves on top of tent.
Vertical Pole
Door Hinge
(continued on other side)
Pole Descriptions
Pole Pole Pole
Description Qty. Dia. Repair Kit Replacement Kit
Long Leg Pole, steel
(w/ red marking) 4 19mm N/A 5010000608
Short Leg Pole, steel 4 19mm N/A 5010000610
Curved Ridge Pole, steel
(w/ red marking) 2 19mm N/A 5010000607
Curved Ridge Pole, steel 2 19mm N/A 5010000609
Awning Pole, black,
fiberglass, metal tips 1 6.3mm 5010000543 5010000545
Door Pole, long, thin, black,
fiberglass, rubber tips 1 6.3mm 5010000543 5010000545
Vert. Door Pole, short, black,
fiberglass, rubber tips 1 6.3mm 5010000543 5010000545
Before you begin
Read all instructions before set up.
• Select a level site clear of rocks, branches, and other hard or sharp
objects, to install your tent.
WARNING: Keep clear of overhead power lines
• Do not set up your tent under trees because of potential lightning strikes
or falling tree limbs in inclement weather.
• Secure with all
stakes and guylines provided to prevent property damage
or personal injury.
• For best results in windy conditions, position narrow end of tent into
the wind.
• Enlist the help of at least one other person to assist you when it is time
to assemble the tent.
Self-Rolling Window Spring Descriptions
Color Code Description Qty. Length Replacement Part No.
Red 1 360mm 5010000624
Green 3 610mm 5010000627
Orange 2 670mm 5010000628
CAUTION: “Springs” may have sharp edges. Handle with care to avoid
injury. Keep out of reach of children.