Coleman 2000001586 Tent User Manual

4 MODEL 2000001586
To Set Up Tent
1. Unfold tent and spread out on a clean, level surface with
the door facing the desired direction. (Fig. 1)
2. Assemble all poles by interlocking the shock-corded,
sections together.
3. Insert black Main Poles through the black trimmed
sleeves on top of tent forming an X”.
4. Insert grey Main Pole through grey trimmed sleeve, in
front of tent. Make sure grey Main Poles overlap the
black Main Poles. (Fig. 1)
5. Insert end of each black Main Pole into pins located in the
corners of the tent. (Fig. 2 & 2A)
6. Go to opposite end of each black Main Pole and gradually
apply pressure to each forming arches. Insert the pin into
each pole end at the corners of tent. (Fig. 2 & 2A)
7. Insert end of the grey Main Pole into pin located on
the sides of the tent. (Fig. 2 & 2B)
8. Go to opposite end of the grey Main Pole and
gradually apply pressure to form an arch. Insert
the pin into pole end at the side of tent. (Fig. 2 & 2B)
9. Attach frame clips along edges of tent to the black
& grey Main Poles. (Fig. 2C)
10. Stretch tent until taut, then secure metal loops
located on both sides and four corners of tent
with stakes. (Fig. 2D)
To Attach Rainfly
1. Drape Rainfly over tent with green vestibule flaps locat-
ed at the front of the tent. (Fig 3).
NOTE: Hook and loop fasteners, located on seams of
underside of Rainfly, should be centered over black &
grey Main Poles.
2. Insert black Rainfly Pole with through sleeve in
underside of Rainfly above front door of tent. (Fig. 3)
(continued on other side)
Fig. 2
Fig. 1
Front of Tent
Grey, Shock-corded
Main Pole
Black, Shock-corded Main Poles
Sleeves with Black Trim
Sleeve with
Grey Trim
Fig. 3
Black Rainfly
Rainfly Sleeve
Pole Descriptions
Pole Pole Pole
Description Qty. Dia. Repair Kit Replacement Kit
Main Pole, black 2 9.5mm 5010000540 5010000548
Main Pole, grey 1 9.5mm 5010000540 5010000548
Rainfly Pole, black 1 9.5mm 5010000540 5010000548
Awning Pole, black, short 1 6.3mm 5010000543 5010000545
Front of Tent
Fig. 4
Awning Pole
Rainfly Sleeve
Front of Tent
of Tent
3. Insert short, black, thin Awning Pole through sleeve
in underside of Rainfly above window at back of tent.
(Fig. 4)
4. Insert metal tip into grommet on tent seam at back of
tent (Fig. 4A). Go to opposite end of Awning Pole and
gradually apply pressure to pole forming an arch; then
insert metal tip into grommet.
Vestibule Flap
Vestibule Flap
on tent
on tent
Before you begin
Read all instructions before set up.
• Select a level site clear of rocks, branches, and other hard or
sharp objects, to install your tent.
WARNING: Keep clear of overhead power lines.
Do not set up your tent under trees because of potential
lightning strikes or falling tree limbs in inclement weather.
• Secure with all stakes and guylines provided to prevent
property damage or personal injury.
For best results in windy conditions, position narrow end of
tent into the wind.
Enlist the help of at least one other person to assist you when
it is time to assemble the tent.