Coleman 2000000583 Tent User Manual

NOTE: Make sure tab on each
pole locks into slot on bottom
of Hub.
(Fig. 5)
Fig. 1
To Set Up Tent
1. Unfold tent and spread out on a clean, level surface with the
door facing the desired direction. Unzip doors. (Fig. 1)
4. Insert end of first Short Ridge Pole (with
dot) into flange with a dot on Hub (Fig. 3).
Repeat for remaining Short Ridge Pole on
opposite flange of Hub with a dot.
NOTE: When installed properly, the loop on
the bottom of the Hub will be parallel
two Short Ridge Poles.
5. Insert four remaining Long Ridge Poles into Hub. (Fig. 4)
7. Insert curved end of four Short
Leg Poles into the four Long
Ridge Poles on top of tent.
(Fig. 7)
NOTE: Make sure tab on each Long
Ridge Pole locks into slot on
each Short Leg Pole.
9. Raise tent by assembling shock-corded sections of each
Long and Short Leg Pole and inserting into curved ends of
Leg Poles. (Fig. 9)
10. Insert pin on loop at
each corner and the
front and back of tent
into all six Leg Poles.
(Fig. 10)
11. Locate both plastic hooks at each corner,
and front and back of tent, then snap
onto Leg Poles to attach. (Fig. 11)
12. Drive stakes through rings, located on
four corners and front and back of tent,
at an angle for better anchoring.
(Fig. 12)
Before you begin
Read all instructions before set up.
• Select a level campsite clear of rocks, branches, and other hard
or sharp objects, to install your tent.
WARNING: Keep clear of overhead power lines.
Do not set up your tent under trees.
For best results in windy conditions, position end of tent into
the wind.
Enlist the help of at least one other person to assist you when
it is time to assemble the tent.
2. Insert the two Short Ridge Poles (with sticker dots) into the
sleeves (perpendicular to door) on top of tent. (Fig. 2)
3. Assemble four, shock-
corded, Long Ridge
Poles and insert into
the four diagonal corner
sleeves. (Fig. 2)
Fig. 2
2 Short Ridge Poles with Dots
4 Long Ridge Poles
Short Ridge
Pole with
Fig. 3
Fig. 4
Tab on
Fig. 5
Fig. 7
8. Insert curved end of two Long Leg Poles (with dots) into the
Short Ridge Poles at front & back of tent. (Fig. 8)
NOTE: Make sure tab on each Short Ridge Pole locks into slot
on each Long Leg Pole.
Fig. 8
Short Leg Poles
Short Leg Poles
Long Leg Pole
(with Dots)
Long Leg Pole (with Dots)
Fig. 9
Fig. 10
6. Snap hook at top of tent onto metal loop
on bottom of Hub. (Fig. 6)
Fig. 6
Fig. 11
To Attach Rainfly
1. Drape Rainfly over
tent. Make sure
seams on Rainfly
are facing down
with web pockets
and long straps
centered over doors
& back of tent.
(Fig. 13)
Fig. 13
2. Locate and wrap hook and
loop fasteners, on underside of
Rainfly, and wrap around the
Leg Poles to secure. (Fig. 14)
Fig. 14
(continued on other side)
Parts and Components
Description Part Number
Hub (1) 5010000120
Short Ridge Pole (2) 5010000121
Long Leg Pole (2) 5010000122
Short Leg Pole (4) 5010000123
Long Ridge Pole (4) 5010000124
Awning Pole (2) 5010000125
Rainfly (1) 5010000126
Hub (1)
Short Ridge Poles (2)
Long Ridge
Poles (4)
Long Leg Poles (2)
Awning Poles (2)
Short Leg
Poles (4)
(Front of Tent)
Long Strap
Pin & Loop on web tent strap
Hook and Loop
Fig. 12