Bowflex 003-3211-120108A Home Gym User Manual

Being able to bend, reach, twist and turn with comfort and ease
as we perform daily tasks, play or exercise.
It is perhaps the most ignored component of fitness, but certainly
the easiest one to incorporate into our daily lives because it can
be done anywhere and almost at any time.
To maintain your flexibility, you simply need to stretch. This could
be as simple as reaching for your toes, or reaching overhead when you wake up in the morning. Or maybe you
enjoy it so much that you would be interested in trying the Nautilus
yoga workout video. You can even incorporate
stretching into your strength training workouts by stretching the muscles you have used immediately after you have
completed your exercise set.
Like cardiovascular training, it is recommended that you stretch every day. However, you do not need to create a
formalized program. You can simply make sure that you stretch your major muscle groups throughout the day. Make
sure you include your thighs, calves, hamstrings, back, chest, neck and shoulders.
Do what feels good, but also remember to mix it up. Don’t just do traditional “reach and hold” stretches. Also, try
gently moving through a range of motion that is comfortable to you. For example, you don’t have to stretch your neck
simply by pulling on your head with your hand. You can also just rotate the neck slowly around and look side to side.
Owner’s Manual
Owner’s Manual