Accusplit AE520S Watch User Manual

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LCD Timer/Stopwatch/Clock
Operating Instructions
The unit operates on one ‘C’ size R14 battery that has a life expectancy in excess of one year.
Remove the battery cover and fit the R14 battery into the correct position. Replace the battery cover.
ACCUSPLIT products use a common setting procedure called S1-2-3-4.
S1 = enter the setting mode
S2 = change the field to be set
S3 = change the field value(s)
S4 = exit the setting mode
S1 - Slide the switch to the CLOCK SET (labeled as “SET”) position.
S3 - To set the time, press and hold the hour and minute buttons separately to fast forward to the correct
time. Press the second button to zero the second display.
S3 - To change between 12 and 24 displays, press the SPLIT/RESET button.
S2 - To set the date display, press the START/STOP button to alter the display.
S3 - To adjust the day, date and month, press the HOUR, MINUTE & SECOND BUTTONS respectively.
S2 - Slide the switch to the ALARM (ringing alarm clock icon) position.
S3 - Set the alarm by pressing the HOUR & MINUTE buttons.
Turn the alarm function on by pressing the CLEAR button. The alarm sign will show on the left of the display.
To turn the alarm sound off, press either of the top buttons.
To turn the alarm function off, with the slide switch at ALARM, press the CLEAR button.
Slide the switch to the Stopwatch icon (COUNT UP) position.
There are four modes of count up that are selectable, which can be changed by pressing the HOUR button.
STW 1 second to 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds.
STW + 1/100s 1/100 second to 59 minutes, 59.99 seconds
STW + DS 1/100 second to 9999.99 seconds
STW + DM 1/100 minute to 1999.99 minutes
The count up function operates using the START/STOP buttons with a lap option by pressing the
SPLIT/RESET button. When the lap is being held the display shows SPL above the seconds display. To
restart the count up after the lap time has been noted, press the SPLIT/RESET button. To stop and set
the time back to zero, press the START/STOP button and then the RESET button.
S2 - Slide the switch to the hourglass icon (TIMER) position.
S3 - Press the HOUR MINUTE & SECOND buttons to set the time period required. If an error in setting
occurs, press the RESET button and start again. The memory facility will display MEM on the right of the
display, after setting the unit and before pressing the START button. When the set time has elapsed an
alarm will sound, which is turned off by pressing the STOP button. After the alarm has sounded, the
display will count up the time taken to turn off the alarm. After the STOP button has been pressed at the
end of the count down period, the last timing period that is stored in the memory is displayed.
The timing period can be stopped (”Time Out”) and re-started (”Time In”) by pressing the START/STOP button.